The best meat


Beef – you probably know that beef is one of the most valuable meats in terms of nutrients. In India, cows are holy, as far as we're concerned holiness is preserved in meat of the highest quality. During every process, we make sure that all standards and requirements are preserved. Both meat for processing and ready cold meats produced by us are so delicious that every single person will moo with pleasure




Some people don't like pork … we don’t understand why but we're happy because it means more for us! Chops, cutlets, sauces, roast meats. Pork provides incredible culinary possibilities, and thanks to us all dishes made of it are of the best class. Both meat from cutting and cold meats will surely take everyone's fancy. And who knows, perhaps they'll convince those who don't like pigs.




You simply have to try our poultry meat and poultry cold meats. The highest quality of these products will affect your, your families' and your friends' health positively. We assure you that thanks to the high standards of production all poultry dishes will be very tasty. You'll simply love them!