Pastes and pates

What a Pate! The best on the market! Because liver sausage and pastes are our specialties.

Insolently tasty!

Insolently delicious for insolently demanding. Processed in such a way that you've never better ones.

Our values

Do you love eating? Do you love discovering new flavours? Delight your palate? This means that you love life. This means that you will fall in love with us - you and your family - because we aspire to accompany you in everyday life and make every meal even better.



We appreciate not only flavour in food. We also care about quality. Safe working conditions and preservation of the highest standards of hygiene. Thanks to modern technologies our products are healthy and safe. And most importantly – their prices are affordable.



Are you sometimes bothered by some questions? Are you looking for inspirations and don't have a good and creative source? Trying searching here. We know how to cope with extreme kitchen situations, how to win your beloved one's heart. We know secret recipe, meaning of herbs and their history.