Beef. Buy some nad moo!


     Natural beef, a bit of turkey.  No pork inside, as some of us don’t like it. Conquer the hearts of your guests to an elegant party. The greatest gourmets and connoisseurs will appreciate this product line. Their flavour can be further enriched by serving them with a glass of wine.

You like beef? It’s addictive with no additive.




a perfect snack, great when you feel like eating some beef.


kiełbasa cienka -Thins sausage

with a thick flavour.


Krakowska wołowo-indycza - Krakow beef and turkey

urkey and beef. Nothing can match it.


Ligawa wołowa - Silverside

100% smoked beef ham, natural.



Slim kabanos 

Immediate satiety. Don’t skimp on such dose of energy! We give you a modern snack so tasty and energizing that it will trigger addiction in your body. Therefore, keep it handy all the time! 


Insolently tasty!

Insolently delicious for insolently demanding. Processed in such a way that you've never better ones. For awesome parties.