Small finger-food dictionary

For you  •  28.08.2014

Finger food becomes more and more popular at parties and replaces traditional platters with cold meats and cheeses. Light, convenient, imaginative and visually attractive. What are the names of these amazing things?

Small round sandwiches. On canapés you put mousses, pieces of salmon, slices of meat or other products with a specific flavour.

Mini sandwich
Thin slices of bread covered with mousse and cut into triangles. They look the best in five layers (3-bread, 2-filling).

also known as pastry puffs, - they taste perfectly with mousse made of smoked fish.

Cupcakes, tartlets and mini quiche
Crispy bottom stuffed with favourite ingredients, e.g., onion, salmon, cheese.

Mini vol-au-vent
French cookies filled mousse based on cheeses, fish or salad with avocado and shrimps.

Mini roulades
Rolled snacks clipped together with a toothpick. This may be grilled aubergine with mousse and additions or dried plum wrapped in bacon.

Appetizers on sticks
Small pieces of salmon, pickles, olives and many other products which can be combined by using a special stick. They are perfect because your hands will be clean.