Cheerful eating

For you  •  28.08.2014

Most of us probably have come across a picky eater. A picky kid may cause problem, but there's a solution for everything. Try to make colourful as well as cheerful meals and serve them creatively. Sandwiches looking like boats, faces, animals or fairytale characters will disappear from plates much faster. A bit of imagination is enough to let you create a fantastic breakfast or dinner with lettuce leaves, radish, cucumber, tomato or slices of cold meats and yellow cheese. Add colourful plates, napkins with favourite motives or fairytale character, ketchup and mayonnaise smiles.

It's also a good idea to introduce a habit of eating together. Have at least one meal with the whole family. Talk, tell each other what happened during the day. If it gets funny and nice at the table, a picky eater will surely enjoy it.