Slim kabanos

     Immediate satiety. Don’t skimp on such dose of energy! We give you a modern snack so tasty and energizing that it will trigger addiction in your body.
Therefore, keep it handy all the time!

For a start, we have five flavours of our slims: pork, poultry, cheesy, pepper and non-smoked. Five flavours inspiring four of your senses: taste, smell, sight and hearing!
High meatiness, great texture and the taste...

What more do you need when hunger grips you?


Bez wędzenia - Non-smoked

If you like the flavours of ripening meats, taste in this kabanos!


Wieprzowe - Pork

Are you a classic flavours enthusiast? Couldn’t be better. All senses satisfied.


drobiowe z dodatkiem wieprzowiny - Poultry with some pork

Our poultry slim is a perfect snack for those who prefer a more delicate flavour.


Paprykowe - Pepper

Great meat flavour in combination with hot chili peppers gives you a spicy experience. Lots of meat and a lot of fire!


Serowe - Cheesy

Cheesy slim with the addition of real cheese, which gives such an original taste. Good to the last bite!



Insolently tasty!

Insolently delicious for insolently demanding. Processed in such a way that you've never better ones. For awesome parties.


thick soup

Is your stomach rumbling so loud that it can be heard from a distance? We've a solution for terrible hunger.