Ready- made meals

Is your stomach rumbling so loud that it can be heard from a distance? We've a solution for terrible hunger. No screwing over – we offer ready-made meals. Well balanced and so good that you won't want to cook at home any more.

Pea soup or spicy goulash soup will best quench your hunger. We also have a pork loin with cabbage or light chicken with rice and carrots. This is what you need!




Polish set with pork roast

Zestaw ze schabem - Set with pork roast

Pork roast with a groats and cabbage. This set is a nutritious main course.

Polish set with chicken

Zestaw z kurczakiem - Set with chicken

Chicken roasted without any fat. With rice and carrot.

Polish Pea soup

Zupa grochowa - Pea soup

thick and satiating, simply a real “military” soup

Polish beef tripe soup

Flaki wołowe - beef tripe soup

Beef tripe Properly selected spices, broth and vegetables allow you to enjoy impeccable taste.

Polish Goulash soup

Zupa gulaszowa - Goulash soup

perfect for lovers of spicy flavours.