PREMIUM Products

Polish meat plants premium products


    Duda Specialite product line is based on carefully selected ingredients and proven recipied. Unique and aromatic spices make Specialite products taste great. Our products are prepared with great attention to quality. We want them to satisfy all customer needs.




Szynka naturalna bez fosforanów - Natural ham without phosphates

103g of pork ham per 100g of product without the addition of phosphates

Polish Ham from barrel

Szynka z Beczki - Ham from barrel

Smoked pork ham. 116 g of pork ham per 100 g of product.

Polish Leaf ham

Szynka Z Listkiem - Leaf ham

Delicious pork ham, cured, smoked, steamed. 103 g of pork ham per 100 g of product.

Polish Roasted chicken

Kurczak Pieczony - Roasted chicken

85% chiken breast filet.

Polish Luxury ham

Szynkowa Luksusowa - Luxury ham

Pork sausage with high meat content.

Polish Delicate chicken breast

Pierś Delikatna z Kurcząt - Deli chicken breast

90% chicken breast filet

Polish Kindziuk


161 g of pork per 100 g of product

Polish Nobility salami

Salami Szlacheckie - Nobility salami

Pork-bef sausage. 59 g beef, 46 g of pork and 46 g pork fat per 100 g of product

Polish Veel sausage

Kiełbasa z Cielęciną - Veel sausage

Pork sausage with the addition of veal. 103 g of pork, 5 g veel per 100 g of product.

Polish Specialty Frankfurter Sausages

Frankfurterki delikatesowe - Specialty Frankfurter Sausages

Delicious frankfurters with high meat content will make you come back for more.


Dudusie- for children 

Especially for our smaller customers, we prepared a line of great products called DUDUSIE 


Market hits

We attract crowds of new fans but we also have a lot of devoted fans who have been with us for years.