New meat products from Poland     As we want our clients to be more satisfied, we introduce new products over and over again, always with innovative recipes, technology & packaging. Just for you we invented new line of delicious & tender meats called "Smoked in granary". Another product line "Monk" will seduce you with incredible taste & aroma. Last but not least is "Traditionally smoked" which it’s taste & colour gets from smoking in hot beech & alder.

Meanwhile we invite You to get a taste of the latest products in our offer.


Juhasówka ham

100g ham made from 100g pork ham.


Turkey on white

100 g of product produced from 61 g of chicken fillet and 39 g of pork meat


Specialite Ham with pepper

100g ham made from 107g pork ham.


Specialite Ham with horseradish

100g ham made from 110g pork ham.


Uncle Stach Ham

Pork ham 60%


Chump from smoker

100g ham made from 106g pork ham.


Sausage from smoker

100 g sausage made from 110 g meat.


Slightly ripening ham

Pork ham 95%


Gluten free

You are looking for a gluten-free meats? Specifically with you in mind we started to produce meats that do not contain gluten.


Dudusie- for children 

Especially for our smaller customers, we prepared a line of great products called DUDUSIE