New meat products from Poland     As we want our clients to be more satisfied, we introduce new products over and over again, always with innovative recipes, technology & packaging. Just for you we invented new product Rolled pork loin and delicious Cabanossi Polish Delicacies

Meanwhile we invite You to get a taste of the latest products in our offer.


Cabanossi Polish Delicacies

Delicious Cabanossi in 6 flavors: pork, poultry and pork, with bacon, spicy, with cheese, with tomatoes and herbs.


Rolled pork loin

100g of product produced from 100g of pork meat (60g of pork loin, 40g pork bacon).


Gluten free

You are looking for a gluten-free meats? Specifically with you in mind we started to produce meats that do not contain gluten.