Market hits

     We attract crowds of new fans but we also have a lot of devoted fans who have been with us for years. Classic is noble and never gets out of date. Anyone who tries Smaczek Konserwowy, Schab Pieczony or Schab Benedykta loves them straightaway and will always return to them. Remember it knowing that old love dies hard.



Szynka Farmerska - Farmer’s Ham

Perfectly juicy and crispy with a characteristic smell of smoking


Schab Benedykta - Benedict's pork

Exceptional and unique taste of garlic will make your sandwich take on the character.


Polędwica drobiowa z majerankiem - Chicken Sirloin with marjoram

Juicy sirloin with a characteristic aromatic envelope of marjoram.


Polędwica Ani - Anna’s Sirloin

Extremely delicate in flavor, excellent for cutting.


Kurczak w galarecie - Chicken in aspic

Large pieces of poultry meat in a clear jelly with the addition of canned vegetables mix. Also available in a small pack of 330 g


Polędwiczówka z warzywami - Vegetables tenderloin

Poultry & pork product with pickled vegetables


Kiełbasa Podwawelska - Podwawelska Sausage

A true hit on the market. Long smoked sausage with a distinct taste of garlic.



What a Pate!

The best on the market! Because liver sausage and pastes are our specialties. We look for new flavours, combine and try them all the time. We add new spices and other additions.



We don't lack inspirations for sandwiches. Everyone likes something different, that's why when we think about next products we learn new flavours from one another.