Gluten Free


     Are You looking for gluten-free cold meats? So, You have knocked on the right door. Especially having You in mind, we have started a production of cold meats without gluten. Probably You can recognise the crossed grain symbol? Now, You can find it on the packages of the DUDA cold meats.




Polish Poultry sausage kabanos

Kabanosy Drobiowe - Poultry kabanos

no room for paint! We don't paint casings. We have a proven method for delicious poultry sausages with a pork note.

Polish Pork sausage kabanos

Kabanosy Wieprzowe - Pork kabanos

a classic in its category. It has crowds of devoted fans.

Polish Traditional sausage kabanos

Kabanosy Trandycyjne - Traditional kabanos

Delicious kabanos with high meat content. 157 g of pork per 100 product

Polish Non-smoked sausage kabanos

Bez wędzenia - Non-smoked kabanos

If you like the flavours of ripening meats, taste in this kabanos!

Polish Pork sausage kabanos

Wieprzowe - Pork kabanos

Are you a classic flavours enthusiast? Couldn’t be better. All senses satisfied.

Polish Poultry sausage kabanos with some pork

drobiowe z dodatkiem wieprzowiny - Poultry with some pork

Our poultry slim is a perfect snack for those who prefer a more delicate flavour.

Polish Pepper sausage kabanos

Paprykowe - Pepper

Great meat flavour in combination with hot chili peppers gives you a spicy experience. Lots of meat and a lot of fire!

Polish cheesy sausage kabanos

Serowe - Cheesy

Cheesy slim with the addition of real cheese, which gives such an original taste. Good to the last bite!

Polish Specialty Frankfurter Sausages

Frankfurterki delikatesowe - Specialty Frankfurter Sausages

Delicious frankfurters with high meat content will make you come back for more.

Polish Loin frankfurters

Parówki "schabówki" - Loin frankfurters

Contains 93% pork meat (including 20% loin)!

Polish Chicken frankfurters with veal

Parówki drobiowe z cielęcina - Chicken frankfurters with veal

Chicken frankfurters with veal contains 80% chicken meat and 4% veal meat.


Szynka drobiowa - poultry ham

80% poultry meat, high protein content

Polish Podwawelska Sausage

Kiełbasa Podwawelska - Podwawelska Sausage

A true hit on the market. Long smoked sausage with a distinct taste of garlic.

Polish Scalded White Sausage

Kiełbasa Biała Parzona – Scalded White Sausage

Tender and juicy, well tasted spices and meat.

Polish Raw White Sausage

Kiełbasa Biała Surowa – Raw White Sausage

Scald and delight in its great aroma and flavour.

Polish Pepper Sausage

Kiełbasa pieprzowa – Pepper Sausage

A product for those who like slightly more spicy flavours.


Silesian sausage

Pork sausage containing poultry, smoked, steamed.

Polish smoked sausage

Kiebasa kopcona - smoked sausage

Sausage contains 98% pork meat. The sectional elements evenly spaced with jelly visible at places.

Polish Hunter's sausage

Kiełbasa Myśliwska - Hunter's sausage

not only for hunters. Perfect for everyone who want to hunt down a delicious flavour.

Polish Głogowska sausage

Kiełbasa Głogowska - Głogowska sausage

original, carefully developed by our flavour specialists.

Polish Juniper sausage

Kiełbasa Jałowcowa - Juniper sausage

tastes great in the bosom of nature. We suggest trying it under a juniper.

Polish Krakowska sausage

Kiełbasa krakowska - Krakowska sausage

a sausage with character for those looking for an insolently good flavour.

Krakowska slightly dried polish sausage

Kiełbasa Krakowska Podsuszana - Krakowska slightly dried sausage

Polish Cumin sausage

Kiełbasa Kminkowa - Cumin sausage

Sausage with a unique flavor of cumin.

Polish Kindziuk


161 g of pork per 100 g of product

Polish Turkey Krakowska sausage

Kiełbasa Krakowska z Indyka - Turkey Krakowska sausage

a nice alternation of the spicy Krakowska Sausage.


Salami Szlacheckie - Nobility salami

Pork-bef sausage. 59 g beef, 46 g of pork and 46 g pork fat per 100 g of product

Polish Leaf ham

Szynka Z Listkiem - Leaf ham

Pork ham. 103 g of pork ham per 100 g of product

Polish Peasent ham

Szynka gospodarza - Peasent ham

Smoked pork ham with high meatiness which is a perfect proposition not only for a sandwich, but also as a snack itself.

Polish Ham from barrel

Szynka z Beczki - Ham from barrel

Smoked pork ham. 116 g of pork ham per 100 g of product.


Boczek królewski gotowany - Royal cooked bacon

84% of pork bacon with skin


Boczek Duński - Deli smoked cooked bacon

90% of pork bacon

 Polish Luxury canned ham

Szynka Luksusowa Konserwowa - Luxury canned ham

Pork block product, excellent for cutting.

Polish Anna’s Sirloin

Polędwica Ani - Anna’s Sirloin

Extremely delicate in flavor, excellent for cutting.

Polish Gold filet

Filet złocisty - Gold filet

Succulent meat with chicken.

Polish Vegetables tenderloin

Polędwiczówka z warzywami - Vegetables tenderloin

Poultry & pork product with pickled vegetables


Smaczek pickeled

Jelly flavored with broth

Polish Onion Teewurst

Metka cebulowa - Onion Teewurst

Are you a fan of raw meat? If so, our teewurst has been designed especially for you. Just add a pinch of pepper if you are a hot food lover and here you go!

Polish Salmon Flavour Teewurst

Metka łososiowa - Salmon Flavour Teewurst

It owes the unique colour and flavour of salmon to specially selected meat. This delicacy offers you unforgettable sensations.

Polish Tartar Teewurst

Metka tatarska - Tartar Teewurst

Delicious teewurst prepared according to a traditional recipe will make your guests ask for more.

Polish Beef Master

Tatar wołowy – Beef Master

Raw egg yolk, red onion, pickled cucumber, lovage leaf, capers, mustard, pepper, and we … eat.

Polish Pork and beef ready-to-cook meat

Mięso garmażeryjne wieprzowo – wołowe – Pork and beef ready-to-cook meat

Meat is perfect for meat loafs, cutlets or delicious spaghetti.

 Ready-to-cook Polish meat with veal

Mięso garmażeryjne z cielęciną - Ready-to-cook meat with veal

Do You prefer cutlets more delicate in taste? Just buy meat with an addition of veal.

Pork and beef ready-to-cook Polish luncheon meat

Mielonka garmażeryjna wieprzowo – wołowa - Pork and beef ready-to-cook luncheon meat

A product perfect for dumpling stuffing.

Pork ready-to-cook Polish luncheon meat

Mielonka garmażeryjna wieprzowa – Pork ready-to-cook luncheon meat

Do You like pasta casseroles and lasagnes? What are You waiting for? Buy luncheon meat and get ready!

Ready-to-cook Polish luncheon meat with turkey

Mielonka garmażeryjna z indykiem - Ready-to-cook luncheon meat with turkey

… and something more delicate in taste, just right for delicious stuffed cabbage.


Dudusie- for children 

Especially for our smaller customers, we prepared a line of great products called DUDUSIE 


Market hits

We attract crowds of new fans but we also have a lot of devoted fans who have been with us for years.