Gluten Free


     Are You looking for gluten-free cold meats? So, You have knocked on the right door. Especially having You in mind, we have started a production of cold meats without gluten. Probably You can recognise the crossed grain symbol? Now, You can find it on the packages of the DUDA cold meats.




Polish Podwawelska Sausage

Kiełbasa Podwawelska - Podwawelska Sausage

A true hit on the market. Long smoked sausage with a distinct taste of garlic.

Polish Scalded White Sausage

Kiełbasa Biała Parzona – Scalded White Sausage

Tender and juicy, well tasted spices and meat.

Polish Raw White Sausage

Kiełbasa Biała Surowa – Raw White Sausage

Scald and delight in its great aroma and flavour.


Silesian sausage

Pork sausage containing poultry, smoked, steamed.

Krakowska slightly dried polish sausage

Kiełbasa Krakowska Podsuszana - Krakowska slightly dried sausage

Polish Cumin sausage

Kiełbasa Kminkowa - Cumin sausage

Sausage with a unique flavor of cumin.

Polish Kindziuk


161 g of pork per 100 g of product

Polish Peasent ham

Szynka gospodarza - Peasent ham

Smoked pork ham with high meatiness which is a perfect proposition not only for a sandwich, but also as a snack itself.

Polish Ham from barrel

Szynka z Beczki - Ham from barrel

Smoked pork ham. 116 g of pork ham per 100 g of product.


Boczek królewski gotowany - Royal cooked bacon

84% of pork bacon with skin


Boczek Duński - Deli smoked cooked bacon

90% of pork bacon


Smaczek pickeled

Jelly flavored with broth

Market hits

We attract crowds of new fans but we also have a lot of devoted fans who have been with us for years.