For sandwiches - culinary creative

     We don't lack inspirations for sandwiches. Everyone likes something different, that's why when we think about next products we learn new flavours from one another. Later on, we convert this knowledge into our products, and that's how our sandwich cold meats, tasty for everyone regardless of age, are made.


Szynka Konserwowa Wieprzowa - Pickled pork ham

The product of refined taste and smell, ideal for slicing.


Schab pieczony - Roasted Pork

Juicy pork in herb crust with unique taste and aroma.


Rolada z kurczaka - Chicken roulade

Mild flavor and aroma characteristic for poultry products.


Kiełbasa Kminkowa - Cumin sausage

Sausage with a unique flavor of cumin.


Wieprzowina w galarecie - pork in aspic

Large pieces of pork ham immersed in clear aspic are a perfect addition to sandwiches.


Salceson z indyka - Turkey brawn

Delicately flavored in gelatin


Szynka Delikatna z Pieczarkami - Delicate ham with mushrooms

For all lovers of mushrooms and ham



beef. buy some and moo

Natural beef, a bit of turkey. No pork inside, as some of us don’t like it. Conquer the hearts of your guests to an elegant party.  


Slim kabanos 

Immediate satiety. Don’t skimp on such dose of energy! We give you a modern snack so tasty and energizing that it will trigger addiction in your body. Therefore, keep it handy all the time!