Dudusie - for children

     Especially for our smaller customers, we prepared a line of great products called DUDUSIE. Our goal was to achieve the children’s favorite flavors, while keeping the highest quality of all ingredients. Numerous certificates, that Zakłady Mięsne Silesia S.A. has, guarantee the safety of our products.
Thanks to the tests we conducted amongst little gastronomes, we succeeded in creating products, that will be wolfed down even by a fussy eater! We want the  mascot of the line to bring smiles on children faces, but also to be a safety mark of our products.

Our Dudusie are valuable products with high animal protein content, without addition of sodium glutamate, artificial colors and phosphates.



Chicken frankfurters with veal

Chicken frankfurters with veal contains 80% chicken meat and 4% veal meat.


Loin frankfurters

Contains 93% pork meat (including 20% loin)!


Chicken liver sausage

Contains 80% meat, including: 69% poultry ingredients and 9% pork meat


Poultry ham

Poultry ham contains 80% chicken meat.



Market hits

We attract crowds of new fans but we also have a lot of devoted fans who have been with us for years.


What a Pate!

The best on the market! Because liver sausage and pastes are our specialties. We look for new flavours, combine and try them all the time. We add new spices and other additions.