Pastes and pates

     What a Pate! The best on the market! Because liver sausage and pastes are our specialties. We look for new flavours, combine and try them all the time. We add new spices and other additions. We test. We work hard to provide something unique for everyone. We know how to make a paste which will surely stay for good in the kitchen of anyone who tries it.


Pasztet na żeberkach - Pate on ribs

This wonderful combination makes the pate valuable and gives it a unique flavor.


Pasztet na żeberkach - Pate on ribs 190g

Perfect for a sandwich or as a sanck with dip


Pasztetowa Pomidorowa - Tomato liver sausage

a variation related to tomatoes. Deliciously tasty.


Pasztetowa Drobiowa - Poultry liver sausage

a proven combination of poultry and some pork.


Pasztetowa Firmowa - Brand liver sausage

our trademark. The greatest liver sausage of them all.


Pasztetowa z Pieczarkowa - Mushroom liver sausage

there's nothing better for lovers of mushrooms and paste.


Pasztetowa Cebulowa - Onion liver sausage

with a touch of onion. Perfect for small snacks.


Pasztetowa z Boczkiem - Liver sausage with bacon

particularly for those who appreciate a proper flavour.


Pasztetowa z Szynką - Liver sausage with ham

for all those who like the softness of a liver sausage and the aroma of ham.




We don't lack inspirations for sandwiches. Everyone likes something different, that's why when we think about next products we learn new flavours from one another.


beef. buy some and moo

Natural beef, a bit of turkey. No pork inside, as some of us don’t like it. Conquer the hearts of your guests to an elegant party.