Which pasta to choose?

For you  •  28.08.2014

There are many pastas, and certainly not everybody knows which type of pasta is the best when it comes to a given dish. Here are some tips:

Fusilli - This type of pasta is very popular in Poland. It may be used in main courses, casseroles, salads and soups.

Penne - One of the most famous type of pasta, looks like oblique tubes. It's perfect in terms of pasta casseroles.

Conchiglie - Pasta that looks like shells in different sizes. Small - for soups, larger may be stuffed or roasted.

Spaghetti - Long threads. The most popular type of pasta and a name of a dish not only in Poland. Ideal for spaghetti bolognese.

Tagliatelle - Typical Italian pasta, used in various dishes and combined with many kinds of sauces.

Capellini - sold often in the form of nests, commonly used in soups and dishes for children.

Farfalle - Also known as "butterflies" or "bow". This type of pasta is known all over the world and is used in many different meals.

Lasagne - flat pasta shape suitable for casseroles. Tightly covers meat, sauce and tomato dishes.