Uncompromising, unbeatable, Insolently Delicious!

For you  •  20.04.2015


They say,  modesty is a virtue of great people, but we can't ignore the fact that our Insolently Tasty Duda cold cuts are a small world championship! We're like children, happy for their creation, because we put a lot of energy and passion to achieve the desired effect. And here they are: elegant, flavorful, just insolently delicious!

Touch of Excellence

Probably every ambitious company, producing everyday equipment or everyday food, dream to find its Holy Grail. In our case, it was the perfect recipe and production technology, which will allow us to create the best cold cuts you've ever eaten.

For many months, if not years, we conducted research and experimented with the composition, to finally achieve the dream final effect. We decided not to go after our competition and we don't supplement our Insolently Delicious cold cuts with any enhancers and stabilizers (such as sodium glutamate and phosphates). In the end, it worked!

Lifting the veil of secrecy

What is the secret of our cold cuts? It's the absence of compromise when it comes to selecting suppliers of meat. We only work with the best, which we fully trust and have confidence that they provide the highest quality meat.

Another reason for exellence of Insolently Tasty cold cuts is their composition, reigned only by meat and seasoning. Example? 100 g of kabanos are made of up to 157 g of pork meat. In this respect, we are unrivaled on the market!

To ensure freshness and high meatiness of our products, we focus on modern methods of thermal processing and packaging, which ensure that Insolently Tasty cold cuts stay fresh for up to 45 days.

The best sausages and kabanos

What is the final result of our work? Is a series of highly aromatic, tasty and crispy kabanos and sausages. In addition to such classics as Krakowska Sausage or Juniper Sausage, we offer appetizing turkey Krakowska Sausage or Głogowska Sausage with coarse minced pork.

All the adventages of our best meats can be known from our website www.bezczelniesmaczne.pl.