For you  •  01.12.2015


Poles consume 3.8 billion liters of soup annually, which gives a figure of 103 liters per person and first place in the world.

         Poles love the soup! Polish cuisine has a very rich menu of soups, every day we cook as many as 15 types, and probably every day in our households a question is asked: what kind of soup to make for dinner? This question is not asked only on one day of the week – Sunday :) and at CHRISTMAS

        From generation to generation, consciously or not we pass our "Christmas Eve cookbook," with recipe for THE SOUP to be served on our elegant Christmas table. As every year we prepare mostly the same soup, we decided to prepare a few hints to surprise this year's guests and offer them something completely different. Certainly the two most popular soups on the Polish festive menu is the classic BEETROOT SOUP WITH DUMPLINGS and thick MUSHROOM SOUP. They are known and served on tables in all regions of Poland. These are two dishes we try to exchange into something more original.

         In our culture there are also less popular soups that appear on Christmas Eve tables. Without a doubt, fish soup is one of them - frequently appearing during dinner in the northern regions of the country. This soup is prepared based on meat and bones of fish, sometimes seafood is added.

          In southern part - in Silesians’ households “siemieniotka” (linseed soup) is served . Siemieniotka, as the name suggests, is soup prepared with linseed. According to folk beliefs due to the large amount of grain, the soup was supposed to have healing powers. WARNING! This is not the only unusual soup which appears on the Silesian table. Another, this time sweet soup is “moczka”. Moczka is prepared from a special kind of gingerbread, various nuts and dried fruit, and a large amount of dark beer, which is used to soak the ingredients.

        And do you know sweet almond soup? The main ingredients are: milk, almonds, sugar, cinnamon and raisins. That soup is rooted in hot Spain, and during Christmas Eve dinner is usually regarded as the "dessert".