Love and food

For you  •  28.08.2014

Aphrodisiacs - these are stimulating substances. They affect our desire, vitality, potency and fertility. They intensify our sensations, desire and feeling of pleasure.  

Since the dawn of time, the man has believed in their existence, though effectiveness of many of them was based only on myths and legends. Today, thanks to research, we can scientifically present processes that take place in our body after the application of various substances deemed as aphrodisiacs and confirm their effects. 

Our kitchens and larders are full of natural aphrodisiacs. They are hidden in normal food products. It is necessary to know which to choose and how to combine them with each other to maximally use their miraculous power and to compose a dish whose aroma and look will stimulate our senses and charm us. The issue whether the quantity of substances deemed as aphrodisiacs that reaches the body along with food is sufficient to cause any effect is a moot point.