How to extend life of products

For you  •  28.08.2014

Dipping in oil and freezing is a good idea for storing herbs (especially when it comes to rosemary, salvia, thyme and oregano). By using this method, we obtain aromatic cubes which we can add directly to dishes.

A good way for storing lettuce, which will good enough also when it comes to celery or broccoli, is wrapping it in aluminium foil and holding it in the fridge. By using this method, vegetables will remain fresh longer – even by 4 weeks.


The problem with cheese is that once sliced and badly stored, it dries quickly. Slightly buttering cheese can prevent from cheese drying.

Storing cheeses in the fridge should start with packaging them in wax paper. We put such packages in plastic bags and put them in the warmest place of the fridge (preferably in the land of vegetables).


To keep mushrooms fresh, forget about plastic containers, foil and other plastics. A paper bag is enough. Plastics don't let moisture in, that's why mushrooms begin to rot rapidly. A paper bag will extend their freshness. Store them in the fridge or in a dry and cold place.