Hazardous compounds

For you  •  28.08.2014

Do you know what combinations can do harm? The most important warnings.

Cardboard packaging with printed inscriptions causes contamination of food due to oils from printing inks.

Hot meals and beverages in packages made of melamine are not healthy. Melamine under the effect of temperature gives off toxic substance. It also reacts with sour foods and gives off toxins when heated in the microwave.

Consumption of potatoes increases the amount of glucose in blood. To reduce it, pancreas works faster. By adding extra fat to potatoes, it will be almost entirely deposited in the body.

Cabbages, cauliflower or sprouts should not be combined with sea fish and sea fruit, which are rich in iodine. That's because they contain substances binding iodine, which makes it impossible to absorb it.

Combining products which contain over 20% of proteins with those which consist over 20% of carbohydrates is not safe for your health. Their combination is difficult to decompose in the body, which may lead to a growth in weight.