Basics of good behaviour at the table

For you  •  28.08.2014

At the table some rules have to be obeyed, they're related to good bringing up and, at the same time, define how to make the table or use the cutlery.

Cutlery positioning

On the left side of the plate, we place only forks, the right side belongs to knives and spoons. The largest spoon is used to eat soup, the average one when it comes to dessert, and the smallest one is used to tea and coffee. All pieces of cutlery can be placed next to the plate or served at the same time with following dishes.

To eat all pies and cakes fork and small fork are usually used. When it comes to fruit, forks and knives are used. Hard-boiled and fried eggs are cut with a fork. The rule is similar as far as potatoes are concerned.

It is also important how cutlery is held. It should be slightly bent downwards and directed forward. It should be held with thumb, index finger and middle finger.

You should sit straight at the table. Forearms can slightly lean on the edge of the table, while elbows should be close to the body.